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Sunday, 3 September 2017



Even Oxbridge hopefuls  whose teacher won't expect to see a draft personal statement written over the summer must now intensify their course engagement. Do you know what university  academics are currently excited about? Oxbridge video podcasts will tell you even more than audios about  their discoveries, ways of thinking and topical concerns. Watching a course-related video is a great way of both developing and showing your  subject interest. It will also make it easier to understand a course-related book.

Don't worry if you don't yet understand absolutely everything. The idea is that you will in time. While some podcasts are tailored to  a general audience, others are aimed at future applicants or fellow thinkers, but all convey a lively, inspiring picture of Oxbridge academic  life. Viewing a couple of them will help to reassure you about this slightly scary university choice and enable you to check you've picked the right   course.

Below is a selection based on the main Oxbridge degree subjects in no particular order.  If you want to save time, it's fine to skip a talk host's lengthy introduction of the speaker. 

(You can start at 7.12 minutes)

Keen to learn more? OXBRIDGE ENTRANCE: THE REAL RULES has lists of key books for students eager  to read around their course subject or pursue new interests triggered by a podcast. Good luck!

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